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A few interesting cases

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Our days are different at House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks. Sometimes really different.   Here’s a quick summary of some interesting cases (all presented with each patient’s permission)

Patio surgery

Our last question to new patients is often “is there anything else bothering you?”    This 40+ year old business man said “Actually, there is this thing growing on my back…”.

After a quick discussion, we decided to make the surgical removal easy, and an emotionally comfortable experience, during the beautiful sunny day on his back porch.    The great part:  UV rays from the sun help create a nice clean environment like this back porch for our sterile field.  

We injected the local anesthetic, cut it out, and stitched Michael’s back closed in about 15 minutes. 

Family flu:  four + mom + nanny + tutor

During the flu season we had a wonderful grandfather who called us and said “everyone in the house is sick, and I’m stuck in the guest house until they are better.   Can you see them all?”   Our answer was “Yes, and we will bring the medications”.  We treated mom and the four ill children.    Then the nanny mentioned she was becoming ill, so we treated her.  As we finished, the tutor arrived with the same flu symptoms.  That’s a total of seven for one house call – all for the same price.