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Something special for new patients

Well Woman care

One of the most avoided and time-consuming doctor visits is for a woman’s annual exam.  As an easy introduction to our practice, our female medical staff can provide your annual exam in your home.   We’ll even include a discount for your first visit.

Our well woman exam includes:
your medical history and review of current health issues.
physical exam including manual breast exam,
And where appropriate:
orders for screening mammography,
PAP smear to screen for gynecologic problems and cancers,
HPV test  
and any add-on STD testing as decided by you and our medical providers.
The best news:  if you are a cash paying non-insurance patient then this is only
$200 for the Well Woman exam in your home  (Normally $400 - $500 depending on location)
$69    PAP and HPV lab tests
$75    Screening mammogram  
total   $344.   

The HPV test we offer is the best version:  it automatically tests for HPV strains 16 and 18 which are most often associated with high cervical cancer risks.

A history of cysts or a lump requires an order for diagnostic mammogram x-ray ($100 discounted cash price) along with a breast ultrasound (also $100 discounted cash price).   This is instead of the simpler screening mammogram

$78    chlamydia/gonorrhea STD test if requested as add-on by you.   
Other urinary tract and STD tests are also available.

If you have insurance that you want to use for labs or mammograms, that is perfectly OK.  We will lower the price of your Well Woman exam for any insurance-covered tests.

We look forward to meeting you soon.  Call today to schedule an appointment.   We are confident that once you experience in-home personal medical care, you will chose House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks for a wide variety of health-related needs for you and your families.

Your medical staff
Ellen, Corine and Beth