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Treat the entire family at once ...  

   one basic charge

Busy two-job families and single parents already know that finding enough time to treat an ill child is no fun.  We also support your existing pediatrician.

We handle after hours and weekend pediatric cases and will coordinate our treatment notes with your pediatrician (if you have one).

And if you have a special needs child then we have a easy way to help. 

Let the doctor see all of them at once, in your home, for one simple charge. 

The next time a big cold, or ear infection, is marching through your population of youngsters late at night, try it. 

"Mikey" will like it -- and so will you.


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We also treat them one at a time, and we can come to your home 24/7.

The ER staff at St. Joseph's RMC  call Dr. Crowe the "baby whisperer". 

The crying and fussing simply eases, and the little ones settle down quickly.