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Biography - About Doctor Crowe

Ellen Crowe MD

Dr. Crowe, an Emergency Room physician since 1990, is licensed in
both CA and IN, did her residency in family practice and brings significant family practice experience to you.

She graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and then earned her Doctor of Medicine degree, graduating from the Indiana University Medical School in the top 1/3 of her class.

She comes from over 20 years as an ER physician at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, and for several years simultaneously served as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

When we last slowed down to count, Dr. Crowe has more than 45,000 hours in the Emergency Department with over 110,000 patients she personally treated.

A recent analysis of morbidity and mortality showed her complication rate was the lowest of the hospital medical staff.  Patients typically say they appreciate her care, and consistently reward her with one of the lowest rates of patient complaints in the hospitals.

She continues to be in high demand as an ER physician, preferring to occasionally help short-staffed hospitals by working locum tenens at those hospitals.  We strictly limit the number of shifts the hospitals are allowed to have her.

Dr. Crowe also served as the Medical Director of the regional Sexual Assault Clinic. 

Dr. Crowe's husband is here, which prompted her family's move to Southern California.   USC fans take note:  Dr. Crowe is an avid college football fan, which creates some unique discussion opportunities given her deep connection with Notre Dame.

Degrees and certifications:

              Advanced Cardiac Life Support             

                Pediatric Advanced Life Support      

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