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Patient Portal

Your personal access... 

Modern medicine uses EHR (electronic health records) to reduce errors and increase your own access to your own information.  We provide your own private, personal, Patient Portal.

Dr. Crowe uses EHR to provide a number of services that make your life easier.   The electronic records also allow us to work as a mobile doctor -- coming to you with everything at our fingertips -- saving you time and money.

None of your personal data is ever stored on the iPad Dr. Crowe uses for clinical notes. 

Our EHR system uses a secure private link to the servers in a secure data center.  It's all HIPA approved and certified.

Patient Portal
        How it works

You will automatically be emailed a personal secure link to your own health record.  Dr. Crowe wants your understanding your medical information as easy as possible.  Ideally Dr. Crowe wants you to see her as a valued friend and confidant.

Here's an example of one way to use the patient portal.  When you want, you'll be able to read your treatment plan or labs along with Dr. Crowe as you discuss findings and course of followup treatment.
Call  805.380.3313 for an immediate appointment at your home or office

Appointment reminders

Dr. Crowe values good communication with her patients.  Automatic reminders are available via your preference of text message, email or phone call. 

Email reminders include an iCal widget just like this one (to the left) -- so you can easily add the appointment to your iPhone or iPad.

Your email reminders include an iCal widget just like this one