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Dr. Crowe's experience uniquely prepared her for solving the medical needs of seniors -- and their supporting families.    

Our extended consultation means that our shortest appointment is longer than even the very longest Medicare-allowed time.  While we do NOT accept Medicare for this extended access to the doctor -- all your lab tests, meds and other services will be ordered using the Medicare coverage you have available.

Years of  seeing patients whose needs had changed at home makes Dr. Crowe's team sensitive to the effects of:

• difficult changes in routine,

the less-than-fun aspects of using medical transport just to get to another medical office,

• physical exhaustion and potential harm from sitting in a wheelchair for hours in a doctor's office,

• and the need to listen more carefully.

We also have a great adult and geriatric psychiatrist who DOES make house calls as part of our team.   We know there are major changes at this time in your life.    We are here to help.

"...Dr. Crowe provided the high quality of home medical care for my (mother) that I had always hoped for, but had previously been unable to obtain elsewhere at any price."
                              Roseann S.

"As the mom of five mostly grown children (no laughing because my husband is also raising four boys), I know that 'getting to the bottom of the story' takes a little extra time. 

That desire to fully understand her patient needs is the main reason for our practice.

We also do mobile labs, and when needed arrange for mobile x-rays, mobile ultrasounds and much more.

For Kurt's mother: