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      Medical care at your home or office
Wonderful doctor...very responsive.  Recommend her highly.
Ron G.
Westlake Village

Better than 6+ hour wait in the Camarillo ER.
Sylvia M.

Nothing beats having my own personal doctor come to my house!
Thousand Oaks

Dr. Crowe has made house calls to our home twice... She took her time in conversing with my elderly father...watching a doctor have time to think the diagnosis through in the quiet of someone's home seems to be a superior way of doing things
Judy F.
She took great care of my mom at our home.

Dr. Crowe got mom to listen when nobody else could.
J. S.

Wonderful, caring and compassionate. Best doctor I've ever worked with. Had her take care of my kids and me.
Nurse Beth
South Bend

Wonderful !!
Blanca G
Residential care director
Thousand Oaks