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Urgent Care medical services
"...the best upgrade of your life"
These are the most common urgent care needs we treat 24/7.  We do this by seeing you at your home or your office.   For more complex needs, the details are on the other pages here.

Like all doctor's offices we carry common medications with us for your face-to-face appointment: treatment for influenza, several varieties of antibiotics, seasonal vaccines such as influenza, TB test, and much more.   We write your Rx right there in your home or office, and often hand you the starting dose of many of the most common medications from our medical bag.   A face-to-face intake exam with the MD is required to begin prescribing medications for you.

We get you started right away, and your own pharmacy can deliver or you pickup from them.  

The Doctor carries NO Narcotics.

• IV fluids             We administer in your home
• IV antibiotics    

• mobile X-rays
• mobile ultrasound

• after-hours urgent care
• after-hours pediatric care 
• bronchitis

• cholesterol screening
• chronic conditions
• colds
• confidential STD, HIV testing and consultation
• cuts
• dehydration            
• diabetes treatment
• diabetic foot care 
• ear aches
• flu                     
• immunizations
• laboratory tests    We draw in your home or office
• migraines
• respiratory treatment
• sports injuries
• sports, work and school physicals
• stitches  
• stomach, abdominal, back or bladder pain
• tetanus

• Urgent care needs
• visual acuity tests
• well baby check and physicals
• wound and ulcer care
• ....and more.

• Travel recommendations
• Travel immunizations

Concierge medicine for you and your family.

Available for 24 hour coverage (home, office, or travel by special arrangement)

Call for an appointment in your home or office

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