Thousand Oaks, Inc.     SM

Faster, better, private        

"...the best upgrade of your life"   

More than an urgent care.  


We believe that great medical care comes from listening to our patients and understanding how their personal goals match the best research and treatment.   This level of care is missing from the modern system of 12 minute appointments.   

We listen well and charge appropriately for excellent medical care -- from typical urgent care to some of the most complex cases.

Our goal is to make this affordable to people at any point on the economic spectrum.

Dr. Ellen Crowe or one of her six-person medical staff will come see you at your ho
me or office 24/7. 

"Some people sa
y it's urban legend that a doctor would come see you in your home."  I promise you that it's real.  I've rediscovered the benefits to both patient and physician of seeing patients in their own home or office.

Dr. Crowe, an Emergency Room physician since 1990, offers an improved approach to primary care.

House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks is open 24/7 and specializes in keeping patients out of the ER if they don't need to be there, reducing readmissions, and improved doctor-patient communication.  Many people come to us because of an urgent medical issue -- and stay because of everything else.

 We focus on people who are difficult to serve in the traditional office setting  due to a patient's physical or time constraints.   This often leads to fewer admissions to the hospital and higher patient satisfaction.  

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"As the mom of five mostly grown children (no laughing because my husband is also raising four boys), I know that 'getting to the bottom of the story' takes a little extra time."

Yes, that's nine total.

"Surprisingly this personal care can be done at a cost that isn't too much different than an office visit or trip to the ER."

We often work with a patient's specialists to provide in-home physician followup.  Many of the same services offered in a traditional office are now available in a fully mobile medical practice.

Member of the Conejo Valley's independent physician's association:  Local highly skilled specialists and primary care.